Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Divya Uruduga becomes the lady captain in BB second innings

Divya Uruduga captain BBK8

The contestants who spent 11 weeks in the first innings of Bigg Boss season 8 took a gap and entered the house again. The contestants spent two weeks in the second innings. Meanwhile, Divya Uruduga has written a new record at the Bigg Boss house.

Two teams were made in the Bigg Boss house – Quatley Kiladis and Suriya Senapal. Arvind is the skipper of the Sunsayne team, while Manjula is the skipper of the Qatle team. Both teams participated in the task for four days. The Sun army has won in this task. This qualifies for the Captaincy Task.

Arvind, Divya Uruduga, Chakravarthy Chandrachud, Prashant Sambaragi, Shamant Bro Gowda, and Vaishnavi participated in the Captaincy Task. Another piece of clothing is to be worn according to the task. The highest distiller won the task. Divya won the task and became the first female captain of Bigg Boss Season 8.

Bigg Boss was not the female captain in Season 8 until now. Sudeep also spoke about this in last week’s arbitration. Bigg Boss asked the householders why they weren’t captains in the house. Some hated luck, others said we would try, but the captain was not able. Finally, Bigg Boss has shown his potential as Divya’s captain at home.

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