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The Result of 5th Annual Critics’ Choice Award is Out Now

5th Critics Choice Association announces nomination for documentaries. The final result out on 16th November

Critics’ choice awards are denoted as one of the popular award function, releases annual nominations for the critics’ choice. On that note, they have released five names that are “Crimp Camp”, “Gunda”, as well as “Mr. Soul”. The final winner for the award will be declared on 16 November. Some of the great persons also on the nominee list. They are Greta Thunberg, advocate Judith Heumann, filmmaker Werner Herzog, etc.

The beginning of the whole procedure was started when they have started taking votes for the nomination procedure. At Netflix, they have received a total of 31 nominations, Magnolia Pictures got 9, Showtime got six, while others like HBO, Amazon, PBS received five each nomination. The whole award function has been declared to show respect towards documentary pictures that took place in several platforms like theatres, TV, major digital platforms. CCA members can nominate the name of pictures according to them the name of the winners will be declared. Everyone till now is waiting for the results so that their nominees can get the winners’ prize. Well, to know the actual result, people have to wait until 16th November, which is getting too long for documentary lovers.

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