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Kanye West breaks silence about Issa Rae disrespecting him during Saturday Night Live Sketch

Kanye West responds to Issa Rae’s comments about him

In an episode of Saturday Night Live on October 17, Issa Ray was at her comedic best, during a sketch called “Your Voice Chicago”.


The creator of “Insecure” played the part of a lawyer from the NAACP appearing on a morning show hosted by Kenan Thompson.


While discussing the political candidates, Issa stated that she was voting for all Black candidates. This was actually a clever reference to her interview at the Emmy Awards in 2017 when she said that she was rooting for all the Black nominees.


The HBO star said during the sketch that the voices of the Black community have been silenced for too long. Issa said that it was their duty to unite and regain the lost power.


While talking about the 2020 Presidential elections, Kenan’s character mentioned Joe Biden, Kanye West, and Donald Trump. Issa quickly chimed in by saying, “Kanye? F him!”


On October 18, Kanye shared his thought on Twitter about the SNL incident and Issa. He wrote that he was always maintained that SNL brings down black people using other black people. He said that his twenty-year career in the field of entertainment has allowed black people to be more successful.



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