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Is there more to the fallout of the Kylie and Kendall Jenner fight?

Trouble in the KUWTK paradise?
Trouble in the KUWTK paradise?

Ever imagined Kylie and Kendall having a nasty fight?

Sisters fight all the time. But, the latest episode of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians (KUWTK) detailed the serious implications of the spat. The aftermath continued on October 15, and the viewers realized that this was no mere argument.

The altercation in the car has ultimately resulted in Kendall and Kylie refusing to talk to each other. While the Kardashian sisters decided not to take a side, Kendall seems really upset with Corey gamble. She felt that he could have acted as a mediator.

According to her, his siding with Kylie intensified the fight. But, Khloe Kardashian did reveal that Kendall felt alone and unsupported in the whole ordeal.

Kylie, in turn, went to her mother Kris, for advice. She expressed regret for the spat. Moreover, she even exclaimed it as a mere miscommunication. According to her, it was an unfortunate incident, and did not mean that she loves her sister any less.

But, not all seems to be well with Kendall Jenner. She is still visibly upset. It is further proved, during the awkward and heated phone conversation with Corey.

The situation remains at a stalemate. We will just have to wait and see how the sisters move forward from this unfortunate debacle!

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